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It's no secret that dogs are extremely newsworthy creatures. Every dog has his day and somewhere out there, there’s a dogged pet reporter jotting down the details. Our columnists round up the best dog news that’s fit to print, whether it's word breaking about a pet food recall or the latest gear for walking your dog safely at night. We follow breed-related legislation, interview a wide variety of experts on all things dog and post the latest videos making their way around the web. We often stage contests and give-aways, so keep checking back!

Meet Our Columnists

The writing staff at Dogster

  • Maria Goodavage

    Author and editor Maria Goodavage sniffs out the best squirrels of dog news, from quirky pet stories to the latest on food recalls.

    Dog News »

  • Julia Szabo

    Pet Reporter Julia Szabo, journalist and author of 6 books on pet lifestyles, brings Dogster readers the exclusive scoop on living with dogs, happily and healthily ever after.

    Dog Life and Style »

  • Casey Lomonaco

    Casey Lomonaco is an award-winning author on the topic of dog training, and has contributed to numerous publications. She covers dog training methods, gives advice on behavioral problems, and discusses training issues that make the news.

    Behavior & Training Advice »

  • Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM

    Our resident veterinarian Eric Barchas answers readers' questions, and offers stories from the vet's office, commentary on pet news and more.

    Expert Vet Info & Advice »

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