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Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 2:56pm PST 
hugkissinghug DANTE DON'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO DIESEL.... HE'S TRYING TO UPSET YOU! YOU'RE THE KING! THE MAIN MAN PUP!dancingapplausecheerWHAT SPECIAL THINGS DID YOU HAVE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY??????????wavebig grindog walkDID DAD COOK YOU A BURGER OR A STEAK?????????thinkingsmilemazybig hugdog walk

We ALL deserve- loving families!
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 5:35pm PST 
Today is the first day of my week long Birthday celebration.

I am now 13 years old ! ! Lucky 13 for me !

I got tow new stuffed toys today. Mom tried to take pictures of me with them, but they didn't come out very well.

She would have taken them over, but I've already destroyed them ! laugh out loud

Mom & Dad went out for supper with GrandDog, and Mom brought home some of her chopped steak to put in my supper. YYUUMMYYY !

Dad and I spent some time playing with what was left of one of my new stuffies.

I'll keep you pupdated on my Birthday week.

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 8:42pm PST 
OMD!!!! you get a whole week?!?!?!?!?!?!way to go I'm gonna have to bring this to my pawrents attention, I only get one dayfrown

sounds like your celebration is pawsome so far and my kinda pawty!!!!

see ya, abi

Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 6:14am PST 
How lucky are you! A whole week of celebrating! Enjoy every minute my friend! partypartypartypartyparty
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 3:42pm PST 
That's so COOL you get a whole week to celebrate being 13way to gocheerdancingapplause
I like the idea of celebrating a whole week......You should pass a new pup law that RR pups always get a WHOLE WEEK TO CELEBRATEhailhailhailhailhailhail
WE WILL BE BACK TO SEE HOW YOU SPEND IT.......kissingbig hugflowersdog walkmazy

We ALL deserve- loving families!
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 5:28pm PST 
Today was a relaxing day. Just me and my Momma. I supervised the laundry folding. But Momma wouldn't let me lay on the warm pile of clothes. I said, "But MMooooooooooommmmmmmmm, it's my birthday. Mazy gets to lay on the warm pile laundry. Why can't I ?
She said if I go to Mazy's house, and it is okay with G'ma, then you can lay on the warm laundry. But not here !

But we did have some quality time together. It was nice and warm outside by the afternoon. It was freezing here this morning.
When Daddy came home from work, he spent some quality time with me too.
All of us pups had our supper. Then Dad cooked a Kielbasa on the BBQ grill. He made some noodles, and a salad too. Mom asked him for an appetizer. So he warmed up some Salsa Con Queso cheese and poured it over tortilla chips.
I got to have some of that. Then when the Kielbasa was done, Mom got the idea to use some of the con queso on the kielbasa. Dad put some on his too along with a little bit of mustard, and some sauerkraut. I got to have some of that too. YYUUUMMM ! But Mom said that I couldn't have too much of the kielbasa because she didn't want me to get pancreatitis. Oh, and I got a few noodles too. No new toys today, but that's okay. I still had a great day !

Lil Wild Man
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 6:00pm PST 
Wow sounds like you had a pawsome day Uncle Dante snoopy

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Thu Apr 17, '14 7:30am PST 
Oh kielbasa and sauerkraut sounds awesome way to go I don't get things like that. shrug

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday week Uncle Dante hughug
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