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I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 6:16am PST 
Morning Katie and Pilar and Koko, wow koko you are not moving, now all you pups can stay together. so happy for you all. yep it is getting to be that time to do some spring cleaning of our own. Katie sounds like your mom had a really busy weekend planting seeds, I know you guys want to go into your yard, but just think of all the pretty grass that will be coming in. Pilar, our giants had a day off too, don't remember who they are going to be playing I will have to check. Mom got sick with a sore throat yesterday? she thought it may be her allergies but she could not swallow this morning, so she said we are staying home and just doing nothing all day, until this evening she is going to go and get some energy-C and some cough meds. she had her flu shot so think this is just a cold. chicken soup time. have a fun filled day everyone.

Hold me please!
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 6:26am PST 
Good morning Pilar, Tiki and Koko wave

Pilar I do that scratch on mom's leg thing - don't usually whine though. She does get a little annoyed sometimes and tells me to stop it! The worst is when we go to the bathroom with her. Me and Sparky love to scratch at her pants when she's sitting there. red face It is bad behavior, but it does get us attention laugh out loud

Koko so glad that your family gets to stay together. That would be such a hard decision to leave some behind. So happy for you. Watch out - when mom's clean it can get ugly laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud make sure you hide your favorite stuff laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Tiki is your mom feeling better? I hope that sore throat passes fast - not fun cry Our yard - we are hoping for the best! that big tree makes a lot of shade and takes all the good stuff out of the ground so it's really hard to make grass grow. This is the third time it's been seeded. It will grow for a little while, then it dies. So we are hoping that if mom waters with fertilizer stuff, that it will have a chance. Even a little bit more would be nice. The side we are going out in has a lot of grass - and dandelions shock so we need to get those dug out!

It's cloudy here this morning, but only showers are in the forecast. We took a walk last night - so pretty! mom even wore shorts happy dance that means it's warm!

Have a great day
♬ Koko- ♬

I Rule The- House
Barked: Tue Apr 15, '14 10:17am PST 
Morning Ladies wave

I got to sleep in this morning with mama cloud 9 She has to work a night shift tonight but the good thing is it's her Friday happy dance It has been really warm but windy the past few days so we have been enjoying the backyard. So love having a doggie door so I can go outside whenever I want. I am so gonna hide all my stuff as mama is cleaning so she can't get rid of anything of mine.

Today is a special day in our house. It's Lil' Lady's 7th Woofday party She got 2 new shirts to wear and gets special treat today.

Well gotta run...time to see what everyone is doing blue dog

Hope you ladies have a great day hug

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