First time at a cottage!

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Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 10:43am PST 
Hey everyone,
so my mother rented out a cottage for the long weekend here in ontario, Canada (June 30-July 7) and it will be the first time we have gone away to a cottage with a lake, etc.

There will be 8 of us...myself, my boyfriend, my 2 dogs, my older sister, younger sister, her boyfriend, her wiener dog and my mom.
I recently purchased life jackets for all 3 dogs (the wiener dog's bday is while we are at the cottage so its going to be an early gift). Thankfulyl got an amazing deal at Woofstock smile

So...any pointers on what to bring?!
- dog pen and sunshade (bring this to trials usually)
- crate for each dog
- ID tags with name and phone #
- collars + leash
- mat or bed
- food
- 2 bowls per dog
- tie outs????

What health products?...indie has random GI issues and Quin...I'm sure he will get a cut or scrap or burrs in his fur smile

Any pointers on what to bring?
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Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 1:22pm PST 
No question on the tie outs. I always bring them just in case, on any trip. You never know, eve the best of off leash dogs sometimes need to be tethered for their safety.

- Raggedy towels
- Dog blankets/beds
- Saline wipes
- I will never go anywhere without canned pumpkin again, lol!
- Chew toys, balls, etc to play with them with.
- Doggy first aid kit(if you have one, if not, I'd set one up just in case - you can usually find good ideas for what to put in them online)
- I usually keep something on me called a 'Niche ID'(you can write down contact info and where you're currently staying in case the dog takes off while you're staying elsewhere), perfect for cabin stays.
- Poop bags(nobody likes doggy doo, no matter where you are, bol)
- For longer stays(week+), it can be good to keep Vet records handy JUST in case something happens.
- Booties(I always kept these handy in case of paw injuries, because you can wrap the paw and throw a bootie over it, or depending on terrain, protect the dogs paws. Maya had a nasty problem with her claws busting open on cement and rock, so I always kept them handy for her especially).

Have fun! My fiance and I are going camping in another week, and we're still in the planning stages as well. smile

Barked: Tue Oct 8, '13 8:11am PST 
I realize you posted this months ago, just wondering how it went? big grin

We took Rigby to a cottage for the first time this year as well, and despite her fear of people, she did excellently with all the other guests we stayed with.
It was a really great experience for us.
We were fortunate in not having to need the tie outs due to our secluded location, but I do agree it's always a great idea to have them on hand.

Hope your trip went well!

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Barked: Thu Oct 10, '13 9:41pm PST 
Sorry I didn't see this when it was written!
Here is my "master" list of things to pack when going on a trip with my dogs:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x_OrCREtJ8RmRiqL3HZOHYttF Q4rPyPtI_qIjV1Kx2w/edit?usp=sharing&authkey=CJzL-coM

This is not everything I pack every time, I use this list as a guide and pick whatever things from it are relevant to each trip. I stay at cabins/cottages a lot because IMO it's more comfortable than being in a hotel room when you have a dog with you.
I also bring my pet first aid kit, so that is packed with first aid and medication and stuff like that.

If the link doesn't work, look for any spaces in it and remove them.

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