so you can acually have a pet dingo?

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Hello , I have a dingo and she is the best pet I have every had.

Super smart and great with the kids.
She loves to play. Know about 50 words and commands.

Far as I know she was founded in the wild and was given to me as a pup ( about 3 mo old)
She even gets along with the cats in the house.

But I do let her hunt in the when we go for are walks.
She is caught a couple of dear's one a big buck.

She is quick too and don't take them for walks at night( can't see them lol good night cam-o)
She never wants to leave my side. She is 3 now and still thinks she is a pup.

You must keep their minds working so they don't get board or they will get into mischief.
I like to put treats all around the yard to work her noise and its fun for her.

If you are thinking of getting one they need a lot of attention and not to be left alone they are pack dogs. And will try to get every one in the same room. Definitely not a dog for a novice. easy to train with enough attention.

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